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Jesus fucking christ kill me 


    Jesus fucking christ kill me 

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  5. Just do the act you envy.
    Newcomb’s Problem and Regret of Rationality - Less Wrong

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  6. Like the atomic bomb in the waning days of World War II, the computer virus known as Stuxnet, discovered in 2010, seemed to usher in a new era of warfare. In the era of cyberwar, experts warned, silent, software-based attacks will take the place of explosive ordinance, tanks, and machine guns, or at least set the stage for them. Or maybe not. Almost four years after it was first publicly identified, Stuxnet is an anomaly: the first and only cyberweapon ever known to have been deployed. Now some experts in cybersecurity and critical infrastructure want to know why. Are there fewer realistic targets than suspected? Are such weapons more difficult to construct than realized? Or is the current generation of cyberweapons simply too well hid? Such questions were on the minds of the world’s top experts in the security of industrial control systems last week at the annual S4 conference outside Miami. S4 gathers the world’s top experts on the security of nuclear reactors, power grids, and assembly lines.

    Where Are All the Cyberweapons? (via newsweek)

    This is like the Fermi paradox of computer space. Do we not see them because they are not very advanced? Or do we not see them because they are too advanced?

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    I was the first view on this video which pretty much means it was sung just for me.

    If zero people send this to me on my birthday, I have no friends.

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